Some artists are being seriously affected by AI. This is because the unique art style that was created with great care over a long period of time can be analyzed and reproduced pixel by pixel by AI.

However, you may not be harmed by AI because you are already a symbol of the art world. Just like Banksy, anyone could create Banksy's work when he kept his identity hidden, AI can make your creativity shine.

Some say that those who cannot adapt to the AI era will be left behind. The changes brought about by AI enable complex โ€˜judgmentโ€™ and โ€˜creationโ€™ that previous technologies could not automate. This means that you don't need anything other than 'creativity'.

However, those who can create economic value through 'creativity' alone are only some senior managers, business owners with stable markets, and influencers who attract public attention. They argue that the remaining 90% or more of humanity must adapt or find something else to do.

In capitalism, capital evolution is a given, but creation and expression did not begin with capital. The desire for pure expression, human emotions and thoughts, and love and hatred for all things were born into works of art. These works resonated with many people and became part of culture. This isn't just done by some influencer artists. The will of all creative artists around the world came together to create the current culture.

But AI threatens the revenue streams of many artists. Creation and expression do not begin with capital, but without capital, it is difficult to realize them. As a result, creative activity stops, no new works are created, and our culture stagnates. Humanity needs art in all sizes. We need to protect artists.

The Melting Pot AI project team thought about how to protect artists from these AI threats. We decided that we could create the best AI together with artists around the world and continue to protect their creative activities by allowing artists to directly own shares of that AI and take profits. Our goal is for every artist around the world to participate in this project. Therefore, we earnestly ask you to contribute your artistic leadership to the project.

The ultimate goals of the Melting Pot AI project are: All artists around the world will jointly own the best-performing AI and take a fair share.

We will work with each community, organization, and artist to enact a new AI copyright law that will be applied when artists' works are used as AI learning data.

We will continue to educate consumers around the world to recognizefair use of AI as morally valuable consumption.

From a simple mention of the project to the wonderful collaboration with you, I would like to express my deepest gratitude and respect for all the support and cooperation you provide. Your contribution goes beyond simple participation; it inspires us all and enhances the value and meaning of our project. Thank you from the bottom of my heart; every moment with you is precious and honored.

Congratulations to the Melting Pot AI project team.


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