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No Artist, No AI

Artists and organizations are joining forces with Melting Pot AI to create fair and ethical AI copyright laws.
Join the movement to safeguard artists from generative AI and become part of the movement.
'No Artist, No AI.'












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AI Fairness. We're always discussing about this.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Melting Pot AI project?

Melting Pot AI project aims to innovate the process of transforming images captured by creators into new images through AI, providing fair compensation to contributing creators.

Who can participate in this project?

Both professional and amateur artists are welcome. Anyone with a passion for artwork and a portfolio showcasing their work can participate.

How will I be rewarded for my images?

Through our unique reward model, creators receive royalties each time their images contribute to the AI generation process.

Will I retain rights to my images?

Yes, absolutely. You retain full ownership rights to your original images. The use of your images is strictly controlled according to agreed-upon conditions at the time of submission, prioritizing your rights as the creator.

What are the technical requirements for image submission?

Images must be high resolution (minimum 5MP) and submitted in JPEG format. We welcome artworks in all categories, including photographs, illustrations, abstract arts, and etc.

How do I submit my artworks?

After registering and applying for creator certification, you can submit artworks through the stock portal. Once you have completed registering and applying as creator, ‘Upload Image’ button will be activated. By clicking ‘Upload Image’, you can submit your artworks (you may also submit your artworks in Dashboard menu).

Is my personal and image data securely protected in your project?

Your personal information and creative works are our top priority. Our system adheres to strict security standards to safely protect your data.

Can I contact someone if I have more questions?

Certainly! For additional inquiries or assistance, please contact support@meltingpot.cc to reach our support team.

What is the long-term goal of this project?

Our vision is to build a sustainable and evolving AI system that enriches the world of creativity artworks while fostering a fair and creative community of creators.

I'm not a creator, but I want to participate in this project. How can I do so?

Organizations, universities, and individual volunteers interested in copyright protection are all welcome to participate. We look forward to collaborating with participants from diverse backgrounds and expertise.

What procedure should organizations or universities follow to participate?

To participate, organizations or universities need to fill out the special registration form on the website. This form requests information about your organization and how it can contribute to the project.

How can I participate as an individual volunteer?

To participate as an individual volunteer, please fill out the individual participation application form on the website. Provide information about your expertise and areas of interest.

What benefits are offered to participants?

All participants have the opportunity to attend workshops and seminars organized as part of the project. Contributors to the project's development are officially recognized.

How can participation contribute to resolving copyright-related issues?

Participants can play a crucial role in resolving copyright issues by contributing to the development of copyright protection strategies, analyzing cases of copyright infringement in AI-generated images, and researching and developing educational materials related to relevant regulations.